reflections. #weekendliving

  10:06 am, by jenniferlynne

breakfast with my beautiful mama! #weekendliving

  10:01 am, by jenniferlynne

have i mentioned how great it is to hold a baby in my arms?! love her dearly already! #littlemissnorah #babylove @markrcanada @jcanada7

  07:21 pm, by jenniferlynne

new perspectives. #upsidedown @hjcarter08

  07:17 pm, by jenniferlynne

we should all spend more time in trees… @markrcanada @jcanada7

  07:13 pm, by jenniferlynne

dinner in a hurry tonight, and I lucked out! autumn squash soup is in season!!! #fallismyfavorite

  05:36 pm, by jenniferlynne

a cup of decaf with pumpkin spice creamer topped with whipped cream, studying scripture with my gospel community. so incredibly blessed to live life with my best friends and their husbands and babies, and new friends too! #gratefuldaily #blessed #gospelcommunity

  12:07 am, by jenniferlynne

ahhhh! i convinced my beautiful aunt angie to join inatagram tonight… AND she gets to lead some of my favorite 9th grade girls!!!! how fun!!! 😄@neuenschwanderangie

  10:33 pm, by jenniferlynne

this month’s shipment of coffee has arrived!! 💜 ☕️💜 @counterculturecoffee #ohhappyday #coffeelove

  04:56 pm, by jenniferlynne

looks like fall, tastes like christmas…. as much as I love pumpkin, this is too much clove. #sadday

  09:14 am, by jenniferlynne

some late-night book reading… getting lost in a random western. #ilovebooks

  09:01 pm, by jenniferlynne

mail call! #snailmail #penpal @emogden

  08:14 pm, by jenniferlynne 1